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Web 3.0 gaming solutions

BitSniper will provide a rewarding and immersive play to earn experience for players, with a focus on gameplay, narrative, social interaction, player skill development, and updates. We will encourage collaboration through chat rooms, message boards, and guilds, and will offer in-game rewards for virtual assets and cryptocurrency to ensure players feel their time is well spent. We will provide a variety of challenges to keep players engaged and will regularly update the game with new features and content.


Multi-Chain platform

Our gameplay will be fair and transparent to ensure a fun and trustworthy gaming experience. We will hold community events, grant incentives and referrals, and offer opportunities for feedback and contributions to the game’s development to foster an engaged, enjoyable, and loyal community.

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2022 Q3/Q4

Phase [ 1 ]

• Conceptualization, idea and beta-test completed project BitSniper
• Team building
• Art style definition/ Game visual style
• Game mechanics description
• Sarah upgrade

2023 Q1

Phase [ 2 ]

• Requirement analyses/ Software design/ Software development and unit testing
• Pre-alpha testing and milestone release
• User flow UX charts
• Customization design/ Metagame design/ Technology stack definition
• 3D models/ 3D animations/ VFX concepts/ Prototypes
• UI (in-game) design
• BitSniper.io Website Launch
• BitSniper Gameplay Teaser
• Whitepaper v2 released
• LP locked & ownership renounced
• Comply with KYC and AML regulations

2023 Q2

Phase [ 3 ]

• BitSniper Website Launch v2
• Unreal Engine game development and level design
• Presale
• NFT BitSniper series auction drop
• Pre-alpha teaser release BitSniper
• CertiK security audit
• Comply with KYC and AML regulations
• Listing on Pancakeswap
• Listing on Gate.io
• Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listing

2023 Q3

Phase [ 4 ]

• Alpha launch of BitSniper/ QA testing/ AI Bot Implementation• Unreal Engine game development and level design
• Polish the story/ Define game mechanics
• Incorporating usability Web4 testing
• Gameplay teaser
• Surprise major CEX listing
• Voting rights for the BitSniper community
• Debut NFT collaboration with crypto influencers

2023 Q4

Phase [ 5 ]

• Perpetual beta launch of BitSniper PvP v4
• Release of the Shootout Death Match v1
• NFT marketplace launch
• Brand new minigames launched
• DeFi features (Staking & Farming)
• Branded merchandise/ Extending BitSniper ecosystem
• Implement Burn Tax on transactions
• Stable release of BitSniper 1.1

2024 Q1/Q2

Phase [ 6 ]

• New arena maps for Shootout 2 (Die Hard series)
• NFT upgrades/ Accessories drop
• Esport tournaments worldwide (Bitsniper Die Hard series)
• Listing on all major CEX and DEX exchanges
• AI training platform for BitSniper Series
• Land sale Bitsniper districts 4, 5 and 6

2024 Q3/Q4

Phase [ 7 ]

• New products and services included in app
• UI optimalization
• Open access to districts 7 and 8
• Public Beta test for Bitsniper 2.0
• BitSniper wallet/app release
• Integration with payment services for eCommerce
• Corporate endorsement and sponsorship

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